Since June 2016, we have given Australian and New Zealand based Liverpool FC fans a voice. 

Our Mission

With our club being so far away from where we live and the game time zones being quite challenging, being a passionate Liverpool FC fan doesn't come easy. It's this difficulty that also brings our fans together and makes them even more loyal to our club.

Our mission is to capture that passion in a community based podcast that all fans around the globe can enjoy. The more fans we have as guests, the more opinions we share, the better we are together.

What We've Achieved

  • As of Jan 2019, we have released over 250 episodes of The LFC Couch

  • Over 16,000 followers on Twitter (@LFCCouch)

  • Over 300 different LFC fans from across Aus/NZ have been guests on the podcast

  • Over 400 hours of 100% free content is available for fans to listen to

  • Over 1,500 weekly listens to the podcast