Will the success of Liverpool's front three help or hinder our attacking transfer plans at the end of the season?

Will the success of Liverpool’s front three help or hinder our attacking transfer plans at the end of the season?

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I know that sounds like a stupid question and naturally the first reaction will be that the more successful we are as a club then the more appealing we will be to potential signings. But is it as straight forward as that?

We may still be in the middle of a title race and months away from the end of the season but I’m already seeing names being thrown around of who we are being linked with at the end of season. We will probably get linked with hundreds of different players between now and the time next season kicks off, but the recent sale of Solanke and the increasingly likely sales of Origi and Sturridge at the end of the season mean it’s extremely likely that we will look to bring in attacking reinforcements.

Recently the name Timo Werner has been repeatedly linked along with Dybala, Julian Brandt, and Houssem Aouar among others. Obviously the project that Jurgen Klopp is building will no doubt be an appealing option for most, but is it that easy?

Look at the last two seasons that Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino and Mo Salah have had. Last season in the league and Champions league they scored a combined 87 goals. So far this season they have scored a combined 40 goals. Add to that the 6 goals scored by the increasingly important Xherdan Shaqiri, and its looking impressive again.

But, could these stats actually work against us in our bid to secure attacking signings? Hopefully not, but you never quite know how a footballers mind works. We all assume that they will want to play for the best and most successful clubs, but what if making that move limits their chances of playing consistently?

Take Timo Werner for example. 22 years old and widely tipped to be leaving RB Leipzig at the end of the season, and there will be no shortage of suitors for him. He is a great prospect and at his age will want to be playing regularly. How would he view his chances of that happening at Liverpool if we are truly interested in him? It is very clear that our front three are firm favourites of Klopp and they very rarely get rotated out of the team (apart from cup games), so would a player like Werner be happy coming in and potentially not playing consistently at his age? Or could he favour a move to another big club that has a less potent strikeforce already in place, therefore meaning he is more likely to consistently play.

It’s a difficult one as Klopp cannot sit there and sell the dream that the team will be built around any new signing so a lot comes down to the mentality of the player. Bringing in someone with a big ego just wouldn’t work, which is why I immediately have always doubted the Dybala links. I’m confident in the clubs screening process when selecting players to target. We don’t just look at their abilities, there is a huge emphasis on their personalities. So, we will obviously target players that will buy in to the team ethic in place.

Any potential signing will walk into the club as an individual, but as soon as they step foot into Melwood, they instantly need to become a part of what is happening here. They are one part of the bigger picture. Come and join with what we are doing. You may be rotated in and out, but prove yourself enough and you may see yourself stepping ahead of one of the ‘front three’.

Shaqiri is a prime example of how it should be done. He has immediately bought into what we are trying to do. He has been in and out of the team but has not once moaned or sulked, quite the opposite actually. He always speaks very well when questioned about it, and when he has been given a chance, he has absolutely taken it.

So that’s four impressive players for our attacking positions and add to that the soon to be returning Oxlade-Chamberlain, and even the great potential seen in Harry Wilson who is having a great season at Derby and Rhian Brewster working his way back to fitness.

It could be a tough job to bring in a top quality striker, but lets be honest, we do not need to sell the club to any players, it does that itself, and we have the right man at the helm to lure players in.

Over to you Jurgen!