Why Liverpool fans should trust Klopp to get it right in the transfer window


In seasons gone by, Liverpool have always had mixed fortunes in the transfer market, and have never really excelled in their recruitment. Yes there have been a number of key signings and good deals done, but not half as many as the amount of bad ones that’s taken place.

A few names spring to mind when I think about all of those terrible deals that have taken place over the years: Andriy Voronin, Abel Xavier, Iago Aspas, Andy Carroll, Milan Jovanovic. It send s a shiver down the spine just even remembering that they played for Liverpool.

It’s not all been bad mind you, with the likes of Torres, Suarez, Agger, Alonso, Mascherano and most recently a certain Mo Salah all being quality recruitment to the Liverpool cause.

When we speak of Mohamed Salah and the impact that he has made since his arrival, it’s almost impossible to thing that when he signed, many people and many Kopites weren’t convinced. Fast forward almost a year, and everyone is hailing him as the new King of The Kop after what has been a sensational season.

Take a look at another summer signing from last year and you see another shining example of excellent scouting from those at Liverpool. When Liverpool completed the £8m signing of Andy Robertson from a relegated Hull side, a fair few eyebrows were raised. Was he the back up to another left back Klopp was to bring in? Surely he can’t be the one to displace Moreno?

Look at him now. On the verge of a Champions League final appearance after playing a pivotal role in the Reds' match to Kiev and proving himself to be more than worthy of nailing down the job of Liverpool’s flying left back.

There are further examples of Liverpool’s transfer committee getting things spot on recently that make the nightmarish signings of years gone by a not so frequently reoccurring night terror: Gini Wijnaldum, Sadio Mané, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. This summer I’ve no doubt there’ll be more names to add to this lost.

And that’s the point in trying to make – Klopp and his team are consistently getting things right in the transfer window, so let’s believe and trust in his signings a bit more before we write then off.

In recent days, Burnley's James Tarkowski has been linked as a possible target for Liverpool and the fan base reacted somewhat negatively to the news. Now, Tarkowski has just enjoyed a stellar season under Sean Dyche to guide his team to a seventh place finish. That’s some feat.

He’s a proven Premier League defender, so why are people saying he shouldn’t be considered? Robertson was part of a Hull team that were relegated. Mané part of an average Southampton squad. Wijnaldum the same at Newcastle.

Klopp first spoke to the press as Liverpool manager and asked if the doubters could become believers. In many repsects, and in terms of how much fans believe this team can achieve, he’s won a lot of people around. Yet still there remains a large number of people who do not fully get behind the new signings brought in, especially if we’re not signing them from another European or English heavyweight club.

Yes, players like Naby Keita will come with a lot of hype, but the same should surround other signings. Klopp won’t just sign proven players, but players he thinks he can take to the next level and that compliment his current squad.

Plus, for what its worth, should Liverpool win the Champions League against Real Madrid, anyone would be crazy to not at the very least heavily consider a move to Merseyside.

Come what may, I trust Klopp with our transfers and so should you.