We are about to endure ninety minutes worth tomorrow morning and we all need to hold our own. Club management, canteen staff, ground staff, coaching, manager and players. All of us.

We as fans get nervous and twitchy being the spectators cheering on our lads, but I would say the ones who feel it most even if they wouldn’t admit it are the players themselves. An intense atmosphere at Anfield last week had the opposition nervy, I have no doubt. Now we need to show our bottle and show we can handle it, even with a 3:0 lead.

The travelling Kop will need to hold there own at the Etihad as we all have to, wherever we may be watching (I’m nervous just writing up this little spiel and I can’t imagine what state of body and mind I will be at 4:45am on Wednesday, April 11th!)

City will have nerves too, no doubt. After the back-to-back defeats they have had it must have an effect on their state of mind and by all accounts they will push forward and go all-out attack against us, but they will have nerves. They know what teams can do when they attack and run at them with intent (as they’ve seen with us twice this season), so whilst they will go in looking to score in the first 15-20 minutes they will be nervous of a Liverpool team who like it when teams come at them to hit back.

Make no mistake, this game is far from over and will not be until that final whistle blows.

We didn’t come this far to come this far.

Up the Reds.