Rules to being an LFC fan

The last few weeks has seen a couple of fans, likely from overseas, whose faces have been shown all over the internet due to them holding up a half-half scarf during the Liverpool vs Manchester United game at Anfield.

While many mocked them for holding up the scarf, I was more concerned that they may be permanently embarrassed by this because they simply did not know that there was such a stigma around the half-half scarf. They wanted a memento to take home, because like many of us, it can take a huge investment and potentially years of planning to just see a single game. It's not a "day-trip", it's like a spiritual mission to your sacred place... something you dream about your entire life. 

These fans may never visit Anfield again, and that's the real shame.

To help in the process of making fans more aware of some 'unwritten laws' of being an LFC fan, I put an SOS out on Twitter so that the crowd can help inform other fans. Here are some of the best pieces of advice:

Input from @RedYellowTrance (aka B-Rad) - his tweets are protected